Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Final Day of the Digital Whisper Blog Hop!

Welcome to the final day of the 
Digital Whisper Blog Hop!

The first art work is by Becky. Becky loves
to combine images from her personal 
collections to her collages and always adds 
the most interesting frames! Becky's style
of art is so unique that it's her signature -
you can always spot Becky's beautiful work!

Click on photo for larger version

Click on photo for larger version

The second art is by Lynne...
The background image was created
by taking a photo with her iPad's
cover closed so the photo was black.
She opened up an app called WowFX
and applied fireworks to the black
background. Saving the image, she 
opened the fireworks image in an app
called Filter Mania 2 and added more 
effects. Saving that image she then opened
it in and app called Tangled FX which 
made the final effect. 
Transfered to the computer with 
Photo Sync and opened in Photoshop CS6,
the woman was added as a new layer.

Please leave a comment before you 
journey to your next destination
and have fun viewing all of the
lovely art! Should you wish to
join a community of awesome
digital artists, go to

Journey on...


Carolyn said...

"A moonlight journey" couldn't be more fitting for your piece today for the Digital Whisper blog hop. Gorgeous art!

Donna Luisa said...

Both pieces are beautiful and so fitting for a midsummer night. Beautiful work!

Kym Decker said...

Wow Ladies---you are my angels!!!!!! As I told Becky---I really appreciate your "shout out" from Facebook for the 3-days of the blog hop to get the message out for us! I thank you so much for all of the fabulous art work and the great posts you wrote and for everything else that you do that makes you so very special to us!
Love ya'!!!
Kym Decker

Electra said...

I've loved coming here and seeing both of your talents on display! I will see you at DW!

pchickki said...

Fantastic as usual!
Always enjoy seeing your creations!