Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Collage Sheets On Special!

Who can resist a bargain?
Oh, what fun!!!
We have a $2 Specials page on
MoonlightJourney with sheets listed
there all the time. These are sheets that
can help you fill up your Collage Sheet Stash
at a good price for the same high quality
merchandise that we offer all of the time.
They're not old or retiring sheets... they're sheets
that we put on the site for you to buy when you
have a bit of extra jingle in your pocket!
This time, we've added 4 new sheets to the
collection (my two are pictured above.)
You can see them all HERE

By the way... the Mandala sheets were created
on my iPad 2, yet another fun way to create art.
I love to share my app discoveries so this app is
called Mandalas HD found in the iTunes App Store.
No, I don't get a dime for mentioning these apps
but I do like to share my experiences. I appreciate finding
new & helpful apps so I'm glad to pass that news to you.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Three New Collage Sheets

Oh, I really do LOVE my iPad!
I've been creating like crazy with
the art apps that I spent all of my
Christmas gift cards on - LOL!

I find it wonderfully relaxing to
use a photo and try out the different
apps to see what the results are.

Now, this isn't the easiest thing until
you learn the app in the first place.
Once you get the hang of what the
developer had in mind, then you
can play to your heart's content.

Once my Camera Roll album is
bursting at the seams, I wirelessly
transfer the altered photos to my
computer (yep - there's an app
for that too) and then I open
Photoshop and put the finishing
touches on the creations. From there,
it's on to creating the collage sheet.

The three new sheets that you see
below were born on the iPad and
matured in Photoshop.

You can find them at

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Create For Charity!

Create For Charity!

Becky & Lynne are all about being
kind to others and we are firmly
committed to offering ourselves
to Causes we believe in.
To that end, we've created a new
page on our website called
Create For Charity.
We'll be offering products from
MoonlightJourney for free so
you can use them to make things
to benefit your favorite charity.
We'll be changing the offerings
from time to time so check the
page about once a month!
Visit HERE

Monday, January 16, 2012

Six New Collage Sheets Special!!

Six New Collage Sheets!
Just $12 for the bundle!!

We've been busy at MoonlightJourney
and are offering six brand new, "hot off
the computer" collage sheets for the
introductory price of $12 for all six.
This sale will end on January 20 and then
the sheets will be on our regular pages
at the normal price of $3 each.

Just click
HERE for this great sale!
Happy Creating!

Thanks for your interest and
your support of our art!

We have a very lenient use policy...
you can use our images to make
art to sell. All we ask is that you
don't claim our work as you own.
That's it!!!


Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Three New Collage Sheets!

I just put these three new collage sheets
on over at MoonlightJourney. Come see
them and all of the other wonderful goodies
that Becky & I have there. Get some inspiration
from our wonderful Design Team while you're
taking a stroll through our pages.

Most of all...
Be Creative!