Thursday, January 26, 2012

Three New Collage Sheets

Oh, I really do LOVE my iPad!
I've been creating like crazy with
the art apps that I spent all of my
Christmas gift cards on - LOL!

I find it wonderfully relaxing to
use a photo and try out the different
apps to see what the results are.

Now, this isn't the easiest thing until
you learn the app in the first place.
Once you get the hang of what the
developer had in mind, then you
can play to your heart's content.

Once my Camera Roll album is
bursting at the seams, I wirelessly
transfer the altered photos to my
computer (yep - there's an app
for that too) and then I open
Photoshop and put the finishing
touches on the creations. From there,
it's on to creating the collage sheet.

The three new sheets that you see
below were born on the iPad and
matured in Photoshop.

You can find them at

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