Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Happy New Year Gift For All!

Edith Lovejoy Pierce
We will open the book.
Its pages are blank.
We are going to put words
on them ourselves.
The book is called
and its first chapter
is New Year's Day.

With that Sentiment let each one of us
strive towards a creative year try
something new something different.
Look around you.
There is art everywhere.
From the symmetrical railway lines
to the vivid colors of life,
art manifests itself in
a myriad of ways.
Art inspires poetry, music,
and painting.
It is a beautiful expression
of the artistic soul.
If life inspires the artist within
you, visualize the aesthetic, cultural
and devotional sentiments then
with creative minds move forward
into a bright new year!

We are so excited about all of 
our Design Team's artwork.
Our site became so full Lynne had
to move all of their beautiful
artwork to
 The artwork is also in the
photos folder on our Facebook page:

We would like to give you another
couple of Free Cabinet Card Sheets.
 We had such a wonderful response on
the Christmas Cards we got excited
and made a couple more!
Simply click on each image below
and go to the larger version.
Right click on that image and
save the file to your computer.
Each sheet will print on an
8.5 x 11 sheet of paper or
cardstock so you can create
something wonderful for the
New Year.
Feel free to pass these images
to friends & family. The spirit of
giving knows no season!
Until we meet again, have a very
Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New! Journal Elements Collage Sheet Pack

Journal Elements Collage Sheet Pack
Introducing our latest endeavor:
Journal Elements Collage Sheet Pack.
The price is $6 for the entire six sheet pack
and you can get yours by going to
New Year's Journal project!!
We're giving away a really nice
image for FREE on our
Facebook page so go over there,
LIKE us & get your gift!

Sunday, December 09, 2012

New Collage Sheets and a New Challenge!

It's Christmas Time!
The Elves are very busy and
has just the thing to finish off
your Holiday gifts!
Becky just created these two lovely
label sheets and you can print them
on sticky labels or print them on
a regular sheet to cut out and
embellish for your gifts.

You can find them both on the
Holiday Sheets page.
<<< AND >>>
We are announcing a new
Challenge at
Just go on over there and
look for the
MoonlightJourney group
for all of the details.
Once again, we are in debt
to Kym who has put this
Challenge together for us.
If it's anything like the
"I'm So Witchy" one
back in October,
it will be

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Merry Christmas To Our Customers!

Merry Christmas To You!
Becky & Lynne would like to
thank all of you for making this
past year a great one for
We've grown so much in the past year
and have lots of ideas for next year.
We love our customers and consider
you friends & part of our
Artistic Family.
We'd like to give you a gift and
even if you're not a customer, please
feel free to take this for yourself.
You may share it with friends, make it
and decorate it & give it as a gift.
Maybe you can cheer up a Senior who
is alone or a Veteran far away from home.
Brighten up someone's day - that is
the true spirit of Christmas!
Just click on each of the photos below
and you'll go to the full size version.
Right click on the larger image and
save it to your computer.
Merry Christmas To All!