Monday, November 28, 2011

CYBER SALE - collage sheets and more!


Don't miss this one!
We have the following items
on special sale today & tomorrow:
Collage Sheets
Digital Elements Packs
Craft Projects
Single Images
Photoshop Classes
Other e-classes

Please go to our homepage
at MoonlightJourney and read
about this sale - you'll be
dazzeled & inspired!

Please tell your artsy friends
about us - we'd appreciate it!

Happy Creating!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Special Sales

Sales Abound!

Today through Tuesday, you can get
25% off at my Etsy store!

Everything that's in my store will
qualify if you use the coupon code
when you go to checkout.

Have fun shopping!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Black Friday!

Becky & Lynne both hope you had
a lovely Thanksgiving & are getting
ready to shop, shop, shop!
Look for our newsletter on
Cyber Monday for a spectacular
sale at MoonlightJourney.

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You can also Like us at Facebook
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created by our Design Team
as it comes to us. Our Ladies
are the best artists around!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

New At MoonlightJourney!

Tis Getting To Be The Season!

We have 2 new items at MoonlightJourney

just in time for your to begin your Holiday crafting.

The upper one is a collage sheet for your ATCs which
would also work for gift, hang or jewelry cards.
You can find it on the Backgrounds page.

The lower one is a craft project kit. You get
all the sheets you need to print out and then assemble
these two beauties for your decorations or gift-giving.
The project can be found on the Craft Projects page.


MoonlightJourney is so happy to have new Designers
on board with us. These Ladies are truly creative and
join our "already with us" Team Members who have
given us such wonderful art in the last two years.

Be prepared to be inspired by:

Ruth - Altered Art
Terri - Jewelry
Georgia - Jewelry & Mixed Media
Joane - Jewelry

Let them have a bit of time to settle in.
In the meantime, visit us to view the many
pages of our Designers inspirational art!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

We're Famous Again!

We're happy to say that our good friend
Dana is at it again! She has featured
on one of her wonderful blogs,

Dana is so kind, so creative & so much
fun to work with! Becky & I are lucky
to have found a Soul Sister in her!

In case you haven't checked Dana's other
blog lately, one of her lucky readers won
our giveaway for Halloween. Four collage
sheets will go to Ann who is over the moon
with joy that she won.

Stop by Dana's blogs anytime - you'll
be amazed at all the info, creativity
and downright fun she shares!

Monday, November 07, 2011

Welcome New Design Team Members!

Becky and I so appreciate your applications
to be on our design team. We had an
overwhelming response to this call...
so many designers applied!
It was a very hard decison as each person's
artwork was so unique. In the end we
choose 3 people not just one in diffrent
venues which will be good advertising
for them and also for us.
To those whom we did not choose....
Your artwork was splendid and we hated
to say no to you or any one else.
Thank you again for all who answered the call!
We hope you go far with your beautiful designs!

Our new Design Team members are:
Terri Garr - Jewelry 

Georgia Lichon - Jewelry
Joane Duran - Jewelry
Ruth Hodgson - Collage Art

Ruth is also a new member and has been a
great customer for years. We didn't forget you
Sweet Ruth, your page just hasn't been created yet!
Since Lynne is so far behind on everything, please
allow her the time to get the new member's pages
ready to view on MoonlightJourney.
She's treading water as fast as she can!
We will post links to their work as soon
as the pages are ready to view.
Thank you again and XXX to All

Lynne & Becky

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

New At MoonlightJourney

Put Down That Snickers Bar!!

Now that Halloween is a fun
memory, we're in Christmas mode at

Come visit us, sign up for our newsletter,
Like us on Facebook & get inspired!!

Make this a "handmade with love"
holiday - you'll be glad you did!