Sunday, August 25, 2013

New Paper Pack - Haunted In Sepia!

Before you know it, Haunting Season will begin!
Get a jump on your creativity or be ready to 
scrap with these beautiful papers. You'll get
all ten delicious papers to use over & over again
because you print them yourself. You can use them
in all of your digital creations and either have your 
finished work printed or keep them in an online album.
Here's the listing link for our Etsy Shop where
you can get an immediate download after purchase!
The price is $4.50

Another listing at our Etsy Shop is 

The tags have no holes so you can use them
as business cards or gift cards too.

We're getting closer to 300 items for
sale at our Etsy Shop and everything there
is immediately downloadable.
We have collage sheets, jewelry images,
Photoshop classes, digital packs,
scrapbooking papers and any other
thing you need to be creative!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

New Journal Pack and Becky's Journal Pages Peek!

wants you to try your hand
at journaling! We try to create
a new journal collage sheet pack
every month to spark your creativity
and get you going on your journey.

This time around, we have a six
collage sheet journal pack called

This is available as an immediate
download at our Etsy Shop!

Becky just finished her pages using 
images from our Paris journal pack
which you can purchase here.

Becky tells this story...
Journaling is such a wonderful way 
 to express yourself. It is calming and enjoyable 
just to create! There is no right or wrong way 
to journal. I started with a 
Watercolor book with blank pages. 
 I take each journal packet and cut it all out. 
Then when I have time I lay out each page 
and start to glue. I put my journal on 
white pages and I like the collage look. 
I then add bits of washi tape, papers, 
scrapbooking bits, whatever makes the page 
look right to me. I then sit back with a black 
and white markers and begin to doodle in all 
of the spaces I think need a doodle. 
When I am finished I use a bit of white 
gesso and brush on in a few places. 
I go back and doodle again if needed. 
Easy Peezy! 
 Remember there is no right or wrong 
way to express yourself through journaling. 
 Find your niche and go with it!