Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A New Paper Pack and Journal Elements Pack!

A wonderful new paper pack 
(shown above)
has been listed and it's a beauty!

Print out the sheets or use them
in some of your digital work!

We also just listed a SIX collage
sheet Journal Pack called

Post Card Perfect

Below are the sheets that you'll
be able to print yourself...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Advice For Printing And Using Collage Sheets

How Do You...

We get questions all the time about using
collage sheet images that you print at home
if all you have is an ink-jet printer?

We thought you'd like to know what 
we advise so here's a response that 
we sent to a customer just last week...

When all I had was an ink jet printer, I would 
use a decent weight paper (not the thin stuff like 
cheap copy paper) and print the sheet. Let it dry 
very well (an hour or even more if it's humid.) 
Then get some ModPodge and a brush. 
Paint a very thin coat of the stuff over the images. 
Go vertical. let it dry, then brush across. 
Let that dry well. Then cut out your images to use.
Try not to saturate the back (use as little glue 
as you need to stick to the surface you're gluing to) 
Let it dry then coat the piece with the ModPodge 
using the same technique. 
wait for a sale at someplace like Staples or 
Office Max and get color copies made. 
Tell them not to change the size of the file 
(I usually send the files online to them) and 
to use a 24 or 32 pound bond bright white paper. 
It's worth the money because toner never smears!!!

We hope this inspires you to NOT be 
afraid to print your own sheets at home!

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Friday, July 04, 2014

Happy July Fourth!!

We wish you a happy & safe
Fourth of July!

This is an oldie but goodie 
collage sheet for you and it's FREE!!

Just click on the image below to go
to the larger image. Right click
on the larger version and 
save it to your computer.

Have fun creating!!