Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Challenge Is Still Going On

The Challenge submissions are coming in
according to our friend Vicki at
The Cheerful Stamper.

The theme of this challenge is
"There Is A Man In My Life."

Thank you to all who are participating;
it's wonderful to see the creativity that
abounds in our cyber-community!

MoonlightJourney is a very proud sponsor
of this challenge & we're touched that
Vicki gives of her time and talent to
promote the creativity in us all!

Monday, April 25, 2011

New Collage Sheets

Just a quick hello to tell you that
we have two new collage sheets
at MoonlightJourney.
One is for Mother's Day that you can
use to actually make something nice for
Mom on her special day. Instructions
are included on how to cut a sheet of
cardstock to make a greeting card then
you can adhere the lovely image to
the card and embellish it if you'd like.
There's also a bookmark that you can
back with pretty paper, punch a hole
in the top and thread with fibers.
Included are some gift tags to complete
your package for Mom.

The second sheet is for all you
Steampunk enthusiasts. They are
ATC backgrounds but you can
use them for hang tags, gift tags
or jewelry cards as well.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Take the Challenge!

We're delighted to let you know about
a wonderful art challenge that's hosted
by our friend Vicki at The Cheerful Stamper.

Her challenge is for you to create art
with the theme "There Is A Man In My Life."

So get out your scissors & glue or fire up
your graphics program and join in the fun.

MoonlightJourney is a very proud sponsor
of this challenge & we're touched that
Vicki gives of her time and talent to
promote the creativity in us all!

Monday, April 11, 2011

We're So Honored!!

Moonlight Journey Wins VR500 Award

Moonight Journey Is One of the Top 500 Small Businesses Recognized For High Customer Engagement Rates in Email Marketing

SAN FRANCISCO, April 11, 2011 – Today Moonlight Journey was recognized by VerticalResponse as a winner in their quarterly customer awards program, the VR500. This awards program highlights the top 500 small business customers that have maintained high email engagement rates – as demonstrated by their average email open and click through rates. To qualify for the awards, customers had to have sent at least four email campaigns in the first quarter of 2011, and mailed to a list size of between 100-500 opt-in subscribers.

We are so honored to recieve this award again. But thanks truly goes to our subscribers. We think they are WONDERFUL!

Our email goes out 1 time a month sometimes more for special events. If you are not a subscriber here is a link - to our April Newsletter. If you like it just sign up to the right and look for our next newsletter in your email.
VR 500 Awards:Moonlight Journey Results:
In order to be honored as one of the top 500 small businesses served by VerticalResponse ( in Q1 2011, Moonlight Journey achieved the following results:
· Open rates: 60.88% average
· Click through rates: 33.33% average

“VR500 award honorees such as Moonlight Journey are successfully using compelling email content and consistently meeting subscriber expectations for frequency,” said Janine Popick, CEO of VerticalResponse. “The winners prove that email marketing is being used very effectively to help grow small businesses.”

For details and updates on the VR 500 award program, go to: Verticle Response

Amber Cleave

XXX to all and thank you again to our readers!
Becky and Lynne

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

New Collage Sheet - Witch's Lair

There's only so much time before I need
to create something gothic & now is the time.

This is a gothic arch collage project. Everything
you need to make a really cool gothic arch is
on this sheet. Two sizes of witches, two sizes
of elements. Have a blast & add your own
embellishments too.

You can find this sheet here.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

New Collage Sheet ~ Cats!

Many of you who have followed me
know that my "day job" is working
for our local Humane Society.
I'm the PR Director and have been
with the shelter in one capacity or
another for almost 20 years.

I'm always promoting animal welfare
and I don't hesitate to preach the
importance of spaying & neutering
your pets. In fact, if everybody did
the "right thing" when it comes to
their pets, I'd be out of a job.
That wouldn't be a bad thing
because if there's no need for
animal shelters, rescue groups
or municipal pounds that would
mean that all animals are treated
the way they should be.

So my passion for the pets
sometimes shows up in my artwork
and this collage sheet is one example.

All the cats are from our shelter and
I thought it would be fun to make
them look like the sweet treats
that they are. I have to thank my
good friend Marion for the photos.
She volunteers her time every week
to take photos & biographies of the
shelter pets. Then she uploads them to
Petfinder and other online sites plus
she sends them to local newspapers.

Kitty purrs to all the folks who work
so hard for the betterment of animals!