Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Digital Whisper Blog Hop Day Two!

Welcome Day Two of the 
Digital Whisper Blog Hop!

You have reached your destination!

Our offering for the Blog Hop
today is by Lynne, one half of

The image was totally created
in an iPad app called Filter Mania 2.
Lynne & Becky both LOVE apps 
because they afford us the opportunity
to create art wherever we happen to 
be at the time. We believe between the 
two of us, we own most of the art apps
available in the Apple App Store!!
After the image was created Lynne 
transferred it to her computer via 
another app called PhotoSync.

Lynne wanted to make the final image
measure 8 x 10 so it needed a frame.
Creating a new document in 
Photoshop CS6, the transparent 
layer was filled with a pattern (.pat file)
then she imported the main photo as
a new layer. Poof! All done!!

Click on the photo to see a larger version.

Please leave a comment before you 
journey to your next destination
and have fun viewing all of the
lovely art! Should you wish to
join a community of awesome
digital artists, go to

Journey on...


Donna Luisa said...

I love the surreal feel to this, and the colors are just beautiful. Wonderful work!

Carolyn said...

Very clever, Lynne. Just when we think we are on top of the digital art resources, another one comes along. Love what you did with your ipad application.

Bill said...

Oh oh. Someone has their eye on us. And such a beautiful blue!

Kaylene said...

Oh my gosh, what an idea.

Electra said...

That eye is stunning! Lucky you to have an IPAD. That's on my bucket list for sure. If my art can be half as good as this, I'll be very happy!

pchickki said...

Eye Candy! Love it !1

Kym Decker said...

Another great post and more amazing art work! You guys have helped make this blog hop rock! Thanks for all you have done to make it so successful! Wasn't this fun???
Big Hugs,
Kym Decker