Friday, January 11, 2013

New Journal Project For 2013

We are fast nearing the end of January
and Becky and I have decided to start a
new Journal Project for 2013.
Each month we will offer a themed
pack of collage sheets that you can
use in an Art Journal or on any
of your Mixed Media Artwork.
The packets will be at a reduced price
and each pack will have 6 collage sheets.

If you are working on a journal we will
be posting the theme in the month
before it actually comes out.
We are really trying to get creative
with the themes and hope you
will enjoy what is to come.

Drum Roll please.......................>>>>>>>

The Theme for the Month of  February is:
The 7 Deadly Sins

We are having lots of fun with it and
hope you will to! We will post it as
soon as it is available for purchase.

Be looking for some more retired
sheets in the next week or two.
Check back often because they
will only be offered for 1 week
before permanent removal.

Have a wonderful weekend!
XXX to All:
Becky and Lynne

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silvergran said...

Wonderful idea!I will keep a lookout!