Monday, January 14, 2013

New! 7 Deadly Sins Journal Pack

7 Deadly Sins
Journal Elements Pack

Here is the next installment in our
effort to spark your journal creativity.
7 Deadly Sins has six collage sheets
that you print out then use for your
journal. We hope that each image
will get you going with ideas of
your own. Sometimes all you need
is a starting point & the rest of the 
creativity will abundantly flow.

We hope to offer one of these packs
every few weeks. Each will have a 
different theme which makes it
interesting for us too! It is amazing
how different (but how much alike)
Becky & Lynne interpret a theme.
We each create 3 sheets then assemble 
them into a Journal Pack.

It keeps us fresh and really does inspire
us for future art work. I know the more
you create, the more inspired you become.

This pack can be found here:
All six sheets in the pack for the price of
$6. total!

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