Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wings Of Creativity Collage Sheet Journal Pack!

Wings Of Creativity
Collage Sheet Pack

Introducing our latest Journal Pack
which is guaranteed to get your journal
pages off to a wonderful start.

As in life, art needs some inspiration.
An idea, a thought, an observation,
a sight, a feeling... you never know
what will make you run to your art
place, pick up your tools and dig right in.

We hope this journal pack gives you that
jumping off point. Be inspired and
get it all down on paper!

You get 6 collages sheets to print out
on your own printer. You can make them
smaller by printing at a percentage (found
in your printer's properties section.)

The pack is available here
and you will get an instant download
upon payment so you can get 
busy right away!

Below is an artwork from Wendy,
one of our Design Team members.
She used images from the pack above.
Thank you Wendy!

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