Monday, September 30, 2013

Winners Of Our Contest Are Announced!

We have a winner for our contest! 

Melissa Walker Castro won with her fabulous coffin and 
will receive a MoonlightJourney Gift Certificate for $20

Carole Anne Farber placed second and will 
receive a MoonlightJourney Gift Certificate for $15

Although we weren't going to award a third place winner, 
we're the bosses and can do what we wish (LOL!) 
so the third place prize goes to Karla Jackson. 
Karla will receive a $10 Gift Certificate 
for MoonlightJourney items.

Thank you for participating and 
congratulations to the winners!

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Design Team Art and
lots of MoonlightJourney fun!!

1 comment:

Ann said...

they were all marvelous pieces of art!!!
congrat's to all!!!