Sunday, July 21, 2013

New Journal Pack! Fun In The Sun!!

Fun In The Sun
Six Collage Sheets Journal Pack

Yes, we know it's hot just about everywhere
so what better time is there to sit in the shade
and work a bit on your journal?

Here is out latest Journal Pack, sure to make
you smile as you cut out the images and 
paste them to your work in progress.

You get six collage sheets in this pack
for $7.00. If you purchase it at our
you'll get an immediate download link
after your purchase is complete.

As with the majority of our offerings,
we have very few restrictions on the use
of our images. You can use them for
blog & website banners, Facebook covers
and other art that you want to sell.

Keep cool & be creative!

1 comment:

Flutter Before You said...

OHHH This one looks fun!
Lots of great elements in this pack, how creative and fun!