Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The End Is Near For Our BOGO Sale!

Alas the time is near....oh good grief 
that sounds like someone is dying! 
I guarantee you neither Becky nor I 
is on our way out....
but the BOGO collage sheet sale 
at Moonlight Journey is! 
It will be on it's way out on February 14th 
and gone for good on the 15th. 
We also have Gift Certificates for your 
Valentine friends if they use the 
certificate by the end of the sale 
they can get 2 for one also! 
Remember that is everything on the 
site wouldn't that be a wonderful gift!!!!
May your heart be filled with 
Love and Creativity and your Art room filled 
with Collage Sheets and Inks, Papers, 
Glue, Jewels, Paint and everything 
that makes your Heart sing!
Have an absolutely wonderful Valentines day! 

Becky has offered some wonderful
images as her gift to you so please
go to her blog to get them!

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