Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11 - We Remember

On a day much like today, at 8:46 EDT,
our lives were changed forever.
We all thought "a plane struck the
World Trade Center?"
As we watched the news coverage,
another plane struck the Twin Towers.
By then we knew this was no accident.
By the time we heard that the Pentagon
had been struck, we all looked lost.
We couldn't be under attack on our
own soil, could we?
I remember standing in front of the TV
watching in horror as the towers fell.
To this day, I can't get the image out
of my head.
I watched as the WTC was built.
I can still see the huge hole in the ground
when they put the footings in.
The buildings were beautiful with the
 tallest escalators you ever saw.
The elevators shook as they shot
up 50, 60 or more stories.
Most of all, those buildings held an incredible
amount of people. People who were loved by
family & friends. Most of all, there were
people who thought nothing of themselves
and rushed in to help.
On the day we should never forget,
America changed forever.
We lost so much but we should never lose
the images that are burned into our soul.
As long as there are those of us who remember,
the day will remain alive and honored.


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