Saturday, March 10, 2012

Faux Postage Collage Sheet

Don't try to mail anything with these!

Just for fun, I created these postage stamps
because I remember how much I loved
using cancelled stamps when I created
physical art projects. You can print this
sheet and then use those crazy scissors
to create the look of real postage stamps.
This collage sheet is $3 and it can be
found by clicking on the photo above.

I've been busy putting Pinterest links on
each of our MoonlightJourney products
and decided to count how many I had to do.
We have more than 500 different collage sheets,
craft projects, Photoshop classes, digital
elements packs, single images and
Art To Print items for sale.

With a sigh, I realized that it will take
a lot more time than I thought to code
all the PinIt buttons on our site so
please bear with me. In the meantime
you can follow our Pinterest boards by
clicking the red button to the right of
this post. That way you'll be the first
to know when all of our beautiful
products are finally PinIt ready!

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scrappin' girl said...

the Postage Sheet is TERRIFIC, Girls !!!!!!