Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Thanks to Barb Speck for the use of her image.

Happy 2012!

As the New Year dawns, we all look forward
to what a brand new year can bring.

No matter what happened in 2011,
good or bad, we look to a fresh beginning.

At least that's what you're supposed
to believe as the ball drops.

For most of us, we look forward to
building on the foundations we've laid
in the past year or years. We strive to
continue on a good path, to keep reaching
for our goals and to share happiness with
as many others as we can.
Why would you want to wipe everything
out and start from scratch?

At MoonlightJourney, Becky & Lynne
are grateful for the past year. The business
has grown quite a bit and we have more
customers than ever. Most of our customers
feel like family since they buy from us so often.

Our Design Team is one of the best around -
give them an image to work with and they
amaze us every time. We try to offer
collage sheets and other artistic goodies
that you can't find anywhere else.

MoonlightJourney prides itself on giving you
more than your money's worth. We don't use
one image and just make it different sizes
on a collage sheet. You get different images,
artistically altered images to launch your
imagination into the stratosphere.

So here's to the upcoming New Year...
may we all have jobs that we love, a roof
over our heads, enough food on the table
and friends & family to love.

~ Becky & Lynne

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scrappin' girl said...

keep up the terrific work !!!!