Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vintage Men! Photoshop Brushes Digital Pack

It's raining MEN at MoonlightJourney!

You can never have too many men for your
artwork. Put a silly hat on 'em, put 'em on
a giraffe - put them anywhere you want!

This digital pack features 12 vintage guys
in both Photoshop brush (abr) files AND
in .png files with transparant backgrounds
that you can use in any photo editing program.

We have lots of new stuff on MoonlightJourney
and besides these men that I created, Becky
has 3 new collage sheets which have different
styles of cupcake wrappers. Make your party
unique & oh so fabulous with Fleur, Faerie or
Steampunk cupcake wrappers!!

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