Sunday, April 03, 2011

New Collage Sheet ~ Cats!

Many of you who have followed me
know that my "day job" is working
for our local Humane Society.
I'm the PR Director and have been
with the shelter in one capacity or
another for almost 20 years.

I'm always promoting animal welfare
and I don't hesitate to preach the
importance of spaying & neutering
your pets. In fact, if everybody did
the "right thing" when it comes to
their pets, I'd be out of a job.
That wouldn't be a bad thing
because if there's no need for
animal shelters, rescue groups
or municipal pounds that would
mean that all animals are treated
the way they should be.

So my passion for the pets
sometimes shows up in my artwork
and this collage sheet is one example.

All the cats are from our shelter and
I thought it would be fun to make
them look like the sweet treats
that they are. I have to thank my
good friend Marion for the photos.
She volunteers her time every week
to take photos & biographies of the
shelter pets. Then she uploads them to
Petfinder and other online sites plus
she sends them to local newspapers.

Kitty purrs to all the folks who work
so hard for the betterment of animals!


artistamyjo said...

OMG I love this one.
Me too,I'm really a sucker for all animals. Our local shelter and our Pet Smart know who to call.
Hugs, Amy

artistamyjo said... this one. My life seems to have revolved around animals.
Our Humane Society and Pet Smart know me well.
Hugs, Amy